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Nanotechnology Area

Cell based technologies including drug discovery and development

Description of Activities

Xcellsyz is a systems based biology company based in Newcastle. They specialise in using novel cell-based technologies to create unmatched human and animal cell lines, models and cell-based assays to advance their own drug discovery and development programmes for diabetes and obesity. They have licensing and partnering collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

As well as developing their own patents, Xcellsyz is actively looking for novel technology with which to license and compliment their own activities.

Xcellsyz technology is capable of immortalising human cells that ensures the long-term maintenance of the functional properties of the cell (phenotype) in the culture environment. Hence, they can provide a large and stable supply of highly relevant cell models for drug discovery research programmes.

They also have the ability to create cell models from diseased tissues providing a unique model for identifying and validating disease targets and for demonstrating efficacy of drugs.

Contact Details

Ian Hallett
Business Development Director
Xcellsyz Ltd
Bio Science Centre
Times Square
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel +44 (0) 191 242 4009

E-mail: ian.hallett@xcellsyz.com

Web site: www.xcellsyz.com


Date Added: May 25, 2004 | Updated: Jun 11, 2013
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