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The 7 companies involved in ROBOSEM play an important part in their respective fields of business and their expertise covers all the work packages of the proposal. They are, together with 6 research institutes, a hospital and 2 academic partners, important European institutes in the field of nanorobotics, materials nanotesting, functional and pharmaco genomics, SEM designing and image processing, force microsensors, advanced robot control and microelectronics. Altogether, the Consortium provides a significant level of expertise in the research fields to be pursued within the ROBOSEM project.

The Consortium includes 16 partners from 7 European countries. These are in detail: a manufacturer of high-voltage electronics for piezo drives; a manufacturer of silicon-based AFM force microsensors, two software developers and hardware manufactures for real-time SEM image processing, one of the biggest SEM manufacturer, a functional and pharmaco genomics company, a manufacturer of nanorobots and tools, a big hospital with a research clinic, an embedded systems department of a research institute, a microrobotics department of a research institute; an SEM materials testing department of a research institute; a microelectronic department of a research institute, a microrobotics research centre, a manufacturing processes department of a research centre, a high precision robotics department of a university; a control engineering department of a university.