Luna nanoMaterials

521 Bridge Street
VA, 24541
United States
PH: 1 (434) 483 4200
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Luna nanoWorks manufacture unique, proprietary nanomaterials that provide extraordinary properties to a number of research and industrial applications. We have a dedicated scientific staff to characterize and develop new products to bring nanotechnology from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Originally developed at Virginia Tech, Luna has exclusive rights to a new composition of matter called TRIMETASPHERE™ carbon nanomaterials - a fullerene sphere enclosing three metal atoms in a nitride molecule. The entrapped metals provide unique physical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, biological, optical and electronic properties that differentiate them from other carbon nanomaterials. Luna nanoWorks also produces high quality proprietary carbon nanomaterials, including single wall carbon nanotubes.

Luna has invested a major part of our efforts in developing medical products, including MRI contrast agents, as a core business. We believe TRIMETASPHERE provides performance characteristics that will open up new horizons in imaging capabilities.

Luna’s proprietary manufacturing processes and modern manufacturing facility enables us to supply industrial quantities of materials for applications in photovoltaics, electronics, composites, coatings and other applications.