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Air Products - Nanoparticle Dispersions
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Stabilizing nanoparticles in solution dictates whether your product will fully benefit from nanotechnology. Traditional dispersing methods used for particles and pigments don't work. That's why Air Products has created another way to make our customer's lives easy - by providing ready-to-use nanoparticle dispersions. This simplifies and speeds up their product development cycles - something we're all after in today's competitive world. Air Products’ 40 years of experience in dispersion and surface science has been applied to develop patented nanoparticle dispersing technology. We've eliminated the hassle of handling dry nanopowders and screening a large number of nanopowder suppliers . . . Air Products customers can now spend their time enhancing their offerings by adding one of our ready-made nanoparticle dispersions of zinc-oxide, indium or antimony tin oxide into their applications.

These nanoparticle dispersions are specifically tailored for the development of transparent, colorless coatings with antistatic, conductive, fade-resistant and heat-blocking properties. Custom dispersions are also available.

Air Products application engineers will help determine the right particles and the best dispersing system to optimize needed properties.