Umicore Nanomaterials

Broekstraat 31 rue du Marais
PH: +32 (2) 2277111
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Company Background

We design, engineer & produce

nanomaterials (tradename NanoGrain®) specifically for your application with:

  • a scientific yet industrial cost effective customer oriented approach
  • more than a century of experience in a wide range of materials
  • respect for the environment, health & safety

We supply our nanoparticles ready for use. After synthesis we provide further customisation of the nanoparticles to make them work effectively in the targeted application, by:

  • applying suitable coatings on nanoparticles
  • providing stable dispersions of nanomaterials in a compatible medium optimised for the application

Our strengths are:

  • truly industrial and cost effective capacity
  • flexible nanoparticle modification capabilities (doping, engineering, coating, ...)