Molecular Nanosystems

Molecular Nanosystems
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California, 94303
United States
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Molecular Nanosystems' goal is to develop nanotube-based gas, chemical and bio-sensors and other high-end electronics devices.

The company's suite of nanotube-based products is intended to provide improvements in scale, density, sensitivity, selectivity, integration and power consumption over existing products. Some of the early applications include carbon nanotube tips for atomic force microscopes and nanotube-based gas sensors.

Molecular Nanosystems is also working in partnership with leading companies in various fields to develop their next generation of products, where replacing the conventional components with carbon nanotube-based ones provides improved performance, while lowering manufacturing costs. Integration of the company’s proprietary site-selective CVD technology into established manufacturing processes helps Molecular Nanosystems’ partners gain a competitive edge, while opening new opportunities in their R&D efforts.

The company has licensed a number of key patents that relate to site-selective CVD from Stanford University and has further strengthened its intellectual property base by filing a number of new patent applications.