Nano Pulp and Paper

Nano Pulp and Paper
457 Tremont Drive
LA, 1270-682
United States
PH: 1 (318) 257-5144
Fax: 1 (318) 257-5104
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Company Background

The Nano Pulp and Paper LLC is a spin-off company of Louisiana Tech University and provides a number of services, such as customized nano-coated pulps, nano-coating of paper and other wood products, analytical characterization, permeability modifications, development of ultra-thin polymer coatings and drug nanocoating and microencapsulation.

The Nano Pulp and Paper Company offers nanotechnology know-how and nano-processes, maintaining worldwide competitiveness for the North American pulp and paper industry. The company implements proven nanotechnologies in pharmaceutical nano-encapsulation, microprocessors (nano-reactors), micromechanical equipment (MEMS), and computer process management industries. The organization uses cellulose and other fiber materials for drug encapsulation and stabilizing colloidal solutions of different materials, such as organic dye microcores, ink colloids for ink-jet printer, and others.