SNS Nano Fiber Technology

SNS Nano Fiber Technology
5633 Hudson Industrial Parkway
OH, 44236
United States
PH: 1 (330) 655-0030
Fax: 1 (330) 655-0035
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Company Background

SNS Nano Fiber Technology LLC produces specialized nanofiber matrices. Using proprietary technology, self-supporting nanofiber mats can be fabricated. Particles can be entrapped in the nanofiber matrix or encapsulated within the nanofibers.

SNS Nano Fiber Technology, LLC’s design, production and distribution operations have been certified to the ISO 13485:2003 (w/Design) and ISO 9001 (w/Design) International Quality System Standards.

SNS Nano Fiber is part of a family of companies, which includes Struktol Company of America, Schill+Seilacher "Struktol" Aktiengesellschaft in Hamburg, Germany, Schill+Seilacher Aktiengesellschaft in Böbligen, Germany, and Struktol Canada, Limited.