Sciventions Inc.

Sciventions Inc.
60 St. George Street, Suite 331
Ontario, M5S 1A7
PH: +1 (416) 978.3926
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Company Background

Sciventions is an online platform designed to connect researchers around the world together, may they work in academia, a small company or a large firm. Through this platform, scientists and researchers can sell their ideas and specialized products and services that are either not fully developed to be commercialized or are otherwise too small in volume to be sold separately. These products are tools that are used every day in the lab and are not available commercially and need to be implemented in house.

Sciventions offers specialty products made in research laboratory around the world ranging from chemicals and lab gadgets to instruments and characterization services.

Sciventions’s goal is to offer a platform where scientist fresh ideas and new products can be sold and tested for a possible market, and to improve the collaboration between scientists and researchers by introducing them to the products and services that their colleagues can offer them.