NanoChem Holdings Pty Ltd

Level 6, Gehrmann Building
Research Road, St. Lucia
Queensland, 4067
PH: +61 (7) 3365 4095
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Company Background

NanoChem Holdings Pty Ltd develops chemical industry and waste water treatment technologies. NanoChem is commercialising 10 years of research at the University of Queensland and other Australian research institutions.

NanoChem’s patented silver catalyst uses modified electrochemical technology to gain optimal performance in the production of formaldehyde, using only 20– 60% of the equivalent mass of conventional silver catalysts normally used in this process. The technology can increase production efficiency by up to 15%.

NanoChem’s water treatment technology recovers of up to 99% of ammonia from a range of contaminated waters. The ammonium-rich solution that is extracted can be converted into fertiliser.

Both of Nanochem’s technologies are in full scale production, and the company has clients in Australia, East Asia, the United States and UK.


Catalysts, Water and environment

Sales Contact

Mr Fergus Lee
General Manager, Sales and Marketing