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The Tecnai 200 kV thermionic emission TEM systems are workhorse transmission electron microscopes for all laboratory types. Especially valuable in multi-user laboratories, these systems utilize advanced windows protocols and registry to allow every user to complete their research or analysis in a timely fashion.

Key Benefits

•        Unique, optimized user interface

•        Optimized 2D/3D imaging tool

•        Dedicated application software: Xplore3D

•        High-contrast TWIN lens

•        Full embedding of cameras/detectors

Imaging Experience

Fundamental research within materials science and nanotechnology requires investigations down to the atomic level. The Tecnai G² series of transmission electron microscopes provides high-resolution 2D and 3D imaging and analysis through a high level of microscope automation and intelligence. Built on more than 50 years of experience in electron microscopy, Tecnai G² microscopes combine modern day technology with the stringent demands of an innovative scientific community.

Tecnai G² Sphera Features

The easy-to-use Tecnai G² series is designed to ensure high-quality images and facilitate the work of the microscope user. The Tecnai G² series has a high level of automation without limiting full user control. The Tecnai G² Sphera is ready for new applications like EFTEM and/or cryo-electron microscopy. The system has a very high diffraction acceptance angle, which makes it suitable for weak beam, tilting and other analytical experiments.

Upgrades and Future Requirements

In the world of research, developments occur at a high pace. The Tecnai design philosophy ensures applications flexibility for today and tomorrow, making it easy to add new applications and upgrade functionality. FEI Company collaborates closely with the scientific community to better understand its needs and to co-develop dedicated tools to help understand and explain the complex relationship of materials structure and analysis.

Tecnai G² microscopes help build a detailed understanding of a world of decreasing dimensions: today and in the future.

Source: FEI Company

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