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Though a transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a highly advanced and versatile instrument, the Morgagni is easy enough to operate that occasional and regular users can obtain the highest quality images without going through unnecessarily complicated procedures. Microscope conditions, including specimen positions, can be programmed for automatic retrieval and exposure. Once the Morgagni is set, your microscope session can be completed almost automatically.

Key Benefits

•        Fully embedded digital imaging and film recording

•        Easy and flexible instrument control

•        Windows 2000 operating system

•        Exchangeable CCD camera positions

•        Best value-for-money

Image Acquisition

The Morgagni also makes digital image acquisition fast and easy. Acquired data are easy to archive, transfer into reports or send to colleagues via the Internet.

Remote Capapbility

Moreover, the Morgagni's remote control capability allows you to operate the microscope from anywhere in the world.

Source: FEI Company

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