Cryo-Fixation Prior To TEM Observation, Automation Using The Vitrobot from FEI Company


The unravelling of the Human Genome has stimulated research into the numerous mutual macromolecular interactions between genetic material, proteins, membranes and organelles, particularly for the development of new medical interventions. Cryo fixation and high-resolution imaging is a critical element of this research process.

Key Benefits

  • Fully automated, reproducible vitrification process
  • High vitrification quality through controlled environment
  • High Sample Throughput
  • Easy and flexible instrument control
  • Best value-for-money

Automation of Cryo-Fixation

The Vitrobot™ offers the unique opportunity to automate the cryo-fixation process at constant and user-definable physical and mechanical conditions (e.g. temperature, relative humidity, blotting conditions and freezing velocity). This ensures high quality cryo fixation results and a high sample preparation throughput prior to cryo observation in a TEM, a process also valuable in the quest to optimise food and personal care product production.

Features and Parameters

The Vitrobot ensures that both occasional and regular users can obtain the best cryo-fixation results without going through unnecessary training sessions and failures. All essential vitrification parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, the number of blottings, blotting pressure and drain time can be programmed for each individual application and set for automatic retrieval.

Once the proper specimen-specific freezing parameters are set, the plunge freezing session can be performed almost automatically. The newly designed liquid coolant container – with anti-contamination rings minimizes the contamination risk during the grid transfer.

Source: FEI Company
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