Entry Level Scanning Electron Microscope, The Quanta HV from FEI Company


The Quanta HV SEM is a high-performance, entry-level scanning electron microscope with a tungsten electron source. It fulfills all needs for conventional imaging and microanalysis and its excellent performance at low tension gives true surface information from any sample.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use, four quadrant/single quadrant user interface
  • Superior low kV imaging
  • Simultaneous secondary electron (SE) and back-scattered electron (BSE) imaging
  • Prepared for upgrade with low vacuum and ESEM technology

Features and Use

The Quanta is easy to use. Its four quadrant image display simultaneously provides surface information and phase distribution through the live imaging of secondary electron (SE) and back-scattered electron (BSE) images. A single mouse click switches imaging modes.

The Quanta HV can be upgraded with a low vacuum and environmental vacuum mode, enabling applications that prohibit sample preparation or require in-situ material testing.

It can be equipped with various analytical systems such as EDS, WDS and EBSD and with a STEM detector for bright-field and dark-field sample imaging.


The Quanta HV is available with two different stage sizes: 4'' (100 mm) or 2'' (50 mm).

Source: FEI Company
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