Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy Using The Nova NanoLab, Versatile, High-Performance DualBeam FIB - SEM from FEI Company


The Nova™ NanoLab is a versatile, high-performance DualBeam™ (FIB / SEM) designed to support the high-end lab requirements of the nanotechnology, material science and life science markets.

Key Benefits

  • Fast machining and prototyping on the nanoscale
  • High resolution characterization and analysis in 3 dimensions
  • Integrated digital patterning engine allowing optimized patterning conditions for each application, production of complex shapes and 3D milling
  • High precision, site-specific TEM sample preparation and cross sectioning in a wide range of materials
  • Automation software features for ease of use, efficiency and accuracy
  • Versatile system allowing a wide range of accessories for analysis and sample manipulation


The Nova combines FEI Company’s DualBeam and gas chemistry technologies with a precision stage and versatile specimen chamber to allow a wide range of samples to be analyzed, characterized, machined and prototyped on the nanoscale.

The easy-to-use DualBeam software enables researchers to conceive and implement complex tasks quickly.


The Nova NanoLab is available with two different stage sizes: 6'' (150 mm) and 2'' (50 mm).

Source: FEI Company
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