Structural Analysis And SEM-STEM Imaging With The Strata 400 STEM DualBeam (FIB / SEM) – Supplier Data By FEI Company


The Strata 400 STEM DualBeam (FIB / SEM) supports analytical laboratories' increasing need for high resolution analytical capabilities as device geometries shrink below 100 nm and new material systems are introduced.

Key Benefits

•        Fast and simple high resolution, high contrast imaging for complete structural analysis

•        Speed your “time to answer” by performing material and defect analysis on a single tool that delivers high-resolution images and compositional data

•        Versatile sample handling optimizes cost of ownership

•        Integrated iterative thinning and SEM-STEM imaging without breaking vacuum eliminates contamination

•        Reduced training requirements and optimum system utilization with automated routines

•        Your single source for complete sample management solutions


The Strata 400 STEM includes integrated sample lift-out and handling, with SEM-STEM (scanning transmission electron microscopy) imaging to enable high-contrast, high-resolution analysis. The new Sidewinder™ ion column provides improved sample throughput and ultimate sample quality.

Sample Handling

The Strata 400 STEM can be configured to automatically prepare multiple samples in a single session. The slice and view capability of the DualBeam can be used to obtain the thinnest possible sample without destroying the target area. In addition, enhanced low-kV milling with the ion beam can be used to improve sample quality.

Thin Film Samples

The real power of the Strata 400 STEM, however, comes from its ability to fully prepare, image and analyze thin-film samples. FEI Company’s innovative FlipStage™ (patent pending) moves the sample from milling to STEM-imaging position in seconds without breaking vacuum. For bulk specimens, an in-situ extraction system is used to transfer thin samples to a TEM grid, if Ångström level analysis is required. Alternatively, samples can be extracted in situ in a full-wafer DualBeam, or mechanically pre-thinned and mounted on grids, before loading in the Strata 400 STEM for final sample preparation, imaging and analysis.

Source: FEI Company

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