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The Expida 1285 DualBeam (FIB / SEM) is a fast 3D defect characterization system that provides an accurate picture of your process, leading to increased control and improved yield.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid time-to-data and root cause analysis of yield excursions from common process steps: etch, metal deposition, patterning, CMP or interlayer dielectrics
  • Turnkey defect navigation with files retrieved from optical and SEM detection and review tools
  • Superior “search” mode for defect navigation on unpatterned wafers
  • Analyze subsurface structures made visible by FIB cross-sectioning with enhanced beam chemistries
  • “Slice and View” automation software for high precision SEM cross sectioning
  • High throughput TEM sample preparation with optional in situ lift out capabilities using FEI’s Nanolift™ system


The Expida 1285 DualBeam (FIB / SEM) employs FEI Company’s most advanced electron and ion columns for unmatched defect analysis, high throughput TEM sample preparation, and optional EDS spectrum analysis.

Sirion™ Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Column

FEI Company’s new Sirion™ scanning electron microscope (SEM) column has been optimized for low voltage operation—below 1 kV—without sacrificing performance at higher voltages. With higher angular intensity and a more finely controlled spot size, the column offers superior search mode capabilities on bare wafers for defect navigation and better performance imaging on charging materials such as low-K dielectrics and copper.

Sidewinder™ Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Column

The Sidewinder™ focused ion beam (FIB) column's improved beam profile and higher angular intensity delivers almost 80% more current into the same spot size than other columns. The result is faster milling and TEM sample preparation and consistent performance throughout the entire voltage range.

This high resolution SEM imaging, complemented by FIB milling, lets you investigate below the surface to reveal buried defects, process anomalies, and device failures, all of which are invisible to conventional wafer SEMs.

Multiple TEM Samples

Optional automation software enables unattended preparation of multiple TEM specimens. It can be configured to prepare samples on standard TEM grids or for in-situ extraction; ensuring samples are processed faster and more precisely as compared to conventional methods. The optional Nanolift™ system's load lock and transport mechanism can remove these samples from the system chamber without removing the wafer, offering ultimate flexibility and rapid time-to-data for critical samples.

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