Transmission Electron Microscopy Simplified Using Tecnai Software from FEI Company


Tecnai Software has many unique features that make the Tecnai an easy-to-use instrument, despite the general complexity of transmission electron microscopy.

Key Benefits

  • Ease-of-operation
  • Complete digital control of TEM and peripherals
  • Full embedding of all detectors
  • High level of automation
  • Platform for dedicated application software
  • Ready for the future


The software runs on a PC under Windows™ 2000. Prominent among the features of Tecnai Software are:

  • Unique user profiles. Each user works under his/her own name, with user-specific settings, user-interface layout and access rights. Thus, no matter who used the microscope before, the user can start working immediately, without having to worry about the current state of the instrument.
  • Unified user interface. Third-party software for CCD image, STEM image, EDX and EELS spectroscopy is embedded into and controlled from the Tecnai user interface. The Tecnai software acquires and utilizes user-specific settings even if the third-party software does not generally support user-specific settings.
  • Extensive online help. The help system describes how the Tecnai works at different levels, from basic operation in various modes to detailed descriptions of optics principles and the purpose, importance and execution of alignment procedures.

Source: FEI Company
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