Tomography Software For Tecnai Microscopes, Xplore 3D Version 2. The Intelligent Electron Tomography Package – Supplier Data By FEI Company


Todays busy research labs can no longer afford to manually acquire, reconstruct and visualize complete tilt series data. Xplore3D offers the complete solution for Tecnai microscopes, enabling a new level of accuracy, reliability and convenience in 3D tomography. It guides users through the whole process of tomography: data collection, reconstruction, visualization and analysis.

Key Benefits

•        Experience new insights in complex structures

•        Obtain high-quality results quickly and reliably; present them in 3D animations

•        Acquire, reconstruct, visualize and analyze tomography data using the most advanced software suite on the market


Xplore3D is an intelligent electron tomography package suitable for a wide range of 3D applications for Life Sciences, Material Sciences, Semiconductor and Nanotechnology labs.

Source: FEI Company

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