High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Imaging Using TrueImage Software – Supplier Data By FEI Company


TrueImage software obtains precise, directly interpretable results from high-resolution TEM beyond the point-resolution.

Key Benefits

•        Interpretable resolution improved up to the information limit of Tecnai FEG

•        Images free from delocalization effects

•        Precision to your high-resolution images

•        Fast, quantitative, high-resolution electron microscopy


TrueImage reconstructs the electron wave function of a thin TEM sample through a series of high-resolution TEM images with a patented reconstruction method that combines linear, non-linear and maximum likelihood approaches. This reconstruction mathematically eliminates the spherical aberration of the microscope, thus removing delocalization effects from the FEG electron source.

Astigmatism Correction

Researchers using the professional version of TrueImage can automatically correct defocus and twofold astigmatism and manually correct coma and threefold astigmatism.

Source: FEI Company

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