Nano-GaugeTM with 5nm Resolution from Mad City Labs - New Product

Mad City Labs’ new measurement gauge can resolve dimensions down to 5 nanometers (0.2 microinches) over a full scale range of 25mm (1 inch).  The Nano-GaugeTM controller provides continuous position data to the user’s PC via a standard “Plug & Play” USB interface for the display of real-time measurement values.  A simple on-screen control for gauge zeroing makes the Nano-GaugeTM as easy to use as a standard machinist’s digital caliper.  User specified probe tips include hardened steel, sapphire, and silicon nitride balls as well as custom probe designs based on application requirements.  Probe tip loading is user adjustable via internal springs.  The extreme precision and resolution of the Nano-GaugeTM makes it ideal for transducer design and calibration, development of nanoindentation systems, and materials testing.  The new Nano-GaugeTM complements Mad City Labs’ broad line of nanopositioning stages which are used to move objects in the small dimensions necessary for work in the growing field of nanotechnology.

Posted June 2005

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