High Speed Z-Axis Nanopositioner with Picometer Resolution from Mad City Labs

The extreme positioning precision of the new model Nano-HSZ single axis nanopositioner from Mad City Labs provides a position noise floor of less than 10 picometers (0.01 nanometers) for difficult applications in surface metrology.  Excellent position step response stability (with steps less than 3 milliseconds) results from the Nano-HSZ’s high mechanical resonant frequency of 7.5kHz – several times higher than typical nanopositioning stages.  Although the Nano-HSZ dimensions are only 2” x 2” x 1.27”, the Nano-HSZ contains a complete flexure guided nanopositioning structure with fully integrated positioning sensors used by the Nano-DriveTM to produce closed loop position control and a direct position readout.  Full amplitude motion is 10 microns.  Mad City Labs Inc. designs and builds a complete line of single and multi axis nanopositioning stages and related control systems.  Nanopositioning stages provide the means to move objects in the small dimensions necessary for work in the growing field of nanotechnology.

Posted June 2005

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