Bionanotechnology Initiatives from NanoVic

Topics Covered

Sensors and Diagnostics
Delivery Systems for Health
Microbiological Contamination Prevention and Decontamination

Sensors and Diagnostics

NanoVic is developing new diagnostic devices based on planar and nanoparticle arrays for application to veterinary, environmental and human health industries. The benefit of nanoscale diagnostics lies in faster, easier, cheaper and more accurate outcomes. Real time and remote monitoring are also expected advantages.

Figure 1. Engineered nanoarray delivery patches.

NanoVic's Members provide access to novel chemical and biological combinatorial libraries, an important feature of the NanoVic strategy.

Delivery Systems for Health

NanoVic has a major initiative in the design and micro- and nanoengineering of carriers and devices for both vaccination and drug delivery through the skin. Human health and veterinary markets are expected beneficiaries, due to improved simplicity, comfort and delivery cost.

Microbiological Contamination Prevention and Decontamination

NanoVic is developing bionanotechnology solutions to the problems of environmental contamination and contamination of foods (microbiological and chemical). A broad range of end-users, from manufacturers to regulatory authorities, has shown interest in these technologies.

Source: NanoVic

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