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The concept of measuring or moving with sub-nanometric accuracy was once considered unattainable. Today, Queensgate Instruments advanced NanoSensor and NanoPositioning technology has turned this concept into reality.

The ability to move or measure with sub-nanometre precision is essential in the production of some of the most advanced products in use today. For example, wafer steppers use this nanopositioning and sensing technology in the fabrication of semiconductors, to make devices with line widths down to 90 nm; Scanning Probe Microscopes utilise nanopositioners to establish how well such chips are made; and hard disk drive heads must now be tested to nanometric accuracy as track densities increase to values thought impossible only a few years ago. These machines, and the machines which make these machines, combine advanced design with Queensgate motion control technology to position components to accuracies of a nanometre or below.

Piezo electric devices have the potential to meet the resolution requirements. However, because piezo electric devices are non-linear and exhibit hysteresis, a sensor must be used to monitor and control their position. The Capacitance sensor is ideally suited to this task, being small and with sub-atomic resolution capability. To design a NanoMechanism involves combining the piezoelectric actuator and capacitance position sensor with flexure hinges and mechanical amplifiers in such a way to produce a device capable of making pure orthogonal motions with sub nanometre precision.

Queensgate Instruments Ltd provide nanopositioning and sensing solutions for high technology industries. Over 70% of sales are custom OEM designs of performance critical components for multi-national corporations based in the USA, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Since 1979 Queensgate has pioneered development of a range of market leading products. Our staff of development scientists and engineers has expertise in digital and analog electronics, optics, engineering, space research and engineering, mechanical engineering and nanotechnology.

Applications include Hard Disc Drive head testing, Lithographic Steppers and metrology instruments used in the manufacture of semi conductors, SEM’s and AFM’s  as well as a number of space applications.

With its roots in academia, Queensgate stays deeply involved in cutting edge research and development. Our customers benefit from our 30 years of world leadership in nanopositioning and position sensing.

As a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of these devices and, in addition to a range of standard products, we specialise in developing custom solutions for OEM applications. By encouraging ‘engineering partnerships’ Queensgate Instruments can bring the best solution at the lowest cost in the shortest time. Our solutions have been proven to meet the needs of major Global Companies time after time.

We offer fast, comprehensive service and support and consistently achieve the best performance for the price.

Contact Details

Queensgare Instruments Ltd
Woodland Rd

Devon TQ2 7AY
United Kingdon

Tel. +44 (0)1803 407700
Fax. +44 (0)1803 407699

E-mail: info@nanopositioning.com
Web site: www.nanopositioning.com


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