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NanoScale Materials, Inc., based in Manhattan, Kansas, is a marketer, developer, producer, and supplier of high performance specialty chemicals, products, services, and technologies to Customers worldwide. The Company holds a substantial intellectual property portfolio which includes its patented NanoActive and FAST-ACT product lines.

NanoScale produces and sells a wide variety of NanoActive brand nanocrystalline materials in forms that include dry powders, granules, and liquid suspensions.

FAST-ACT is a chemical containment and neutralization system for immediate response to unexpected toxic chemical releases, including industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.

The Analytical Services Program offers a wide range of laboratory testing services and characterization methods to Customers. Additional information on the Company and its capabilities is available at and

NanoScale is a dynamic, innovative technology company founded to develop and commercialize our proprietary NanoActive materials and technologies. We are committed to becoming the leading marketer, developer, producer, and supplier of high performance specialty products. Our core competencies include:

•        Commercial sales of NanoActive materials and FAST-ACT

•        Joint research programs with private industry for application development

•        Contract research for the US Government and Military

•        Analytical Services Program

At NanoScale, we strive to achieve the highest levels of Customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality assurance possible. If you would like to speak with a NanoScale representative about how we might help your organization, please contact us.

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