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Semiconductor Polishing Using Nanomaterials Such As Ceria, Mixed Rare Earth Metal Oxides and Alumina Dispersions From Nanophase

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Applications and Markets
Semiconductor Polishing


Nanophase Technologies is an industry-leading nanocrystalline materials innovator and manufacturer with an integrated family of nanomaterial technologies. The entire focus of Nanophase is nanotechnology, with two distinct and patented processes for the preparation and commercial manufacturing of nanopowder metal oxides i.e. Aluminum Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and several others. Nanophase Technologies Corporation has developed a process, Discrete Particle Encapsulation, to coat the surface of its nanoparticles with a thin polymeric shell that enables compatibility of the particles with a wide variety of fluids, resins and polymers. Also, Nanophase has developed technology to permit the dispersion of its nanoparticles in water and a variety of polar and non-polar organic fluids. This allows Nanophase to supply concentrated, ready-to-use nanoparticle dispersions, eliminating the need for customers to disperse the nanoparticles themselves. Nanophase’s family of integrated technologies economically produces nanocrystalline materials, and then nanoengineers those materials to fit a customer need.

Applications and Markets

Nanophase produces engineered nanomaterial products for a variety of diverse markets: personal care, sunscreens, abrasion-resistant applications, environmental catalysts, antimicrobial products, and a variety of ultra-fine polishing applications, including semiconductor wafers, hard disk drives, and optics. Various applications include wood preservation, anti-fouling and anti-microbial coatings, fuel cells, catalytic converters, UV-attenuation coatings, scratch resistant coatings, charge dissipating coatings, deodorant/antiperspirants, depilatory/shaving products, and others. In parallel, new markets and applications are constantly being developed.

Semiconductor Polishing

As the semiconductor industry continues to move forward to smaller chip architecture, the need for advanced CMP slurries becomes a requirement that cannot be met by the slurries provided in the past for semiconductor polishing. Nanophase’s brand of ceria, mixed rare earth metal oxides and alumina dispersions are on the forefront of providing high planarity surfaces and efficient removal rates. These high purity dispersions feature particles less than 100 nanometers in size with uniform morphology for critical electronic polishing applications. The unique surface chemistry of these nanomaterials allows formulation of highly concentrated dispersions at a variety of pH.

Date Added: Jul 18, 2006 | Updated: Jun 11, 2013
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