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Nanophase Technologies Corporation is an industry-leading nanocrystalline materials innovator and manufacturer with an integrated family of nanomaterial technologies.  The entire focus of Nanophase is nanotechnology, starting with two distinct and patented processes for the preparation and commercial manufacturing of nanopowder metal oxides including Aluminum Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Cerium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Bismuth Oxide, Copper Oxide, Tin Oxide, Antimony-Tin Oxide, Indium-Tin Oxide, and several others.

Description of Activities

In addition to economically manufacturing the nanocrystalline materials in large volume, Nanophase’s family of integrated technologies can be used to modify those materials to fit a customer need by surface treating or dispersing the nanomaterial into a suitable medium.  Treating and dispersing nanomaterials is a valuable enabling set of technologies because these coated materials and stable dispersions in aqueous or organic media, provide companies with nanomaterials in readily usable forms which improves the likelihood of success and often decreases their time to market.

Nanophase produces engineered nanomaterial products for a variety of diverse markets, including: personal care, cosmetics, medical diagnostics, coatings, catalysts, textiles, antimicrobials, and a variety of ultra-fine polishing applications, including semiconductor wafers, hard disk drives, and specialty optics.  Various applications include wood preservation, anti-fouling and anti-microbial coatings, fuel cells, catalytic converters, UV-attenuation coatings, scratch resistant coatings, charge dissipating coatings, human topical sunscreens, deodorant/antiperspirants, depilatory/shaving products, and others.  As part of our growth strategy, new markets and applications are constantly being developed.

Due to the many different application technologies required to successfully introduce nanomaterials into the wide variety of target markets, the Nanophase business model puts heavy emphasis on excellence in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships.  As examples, Nanophase has worldwide mutually exclusive relationships with BASF for zinc oxide in human topical sunscreen applications; with Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials for ceria dispersions used in CMP (chemical mechanical planarization) semiconductor applications; with BYK Chemie for nanomaterials in coatings and plastics applications; and with Alfa Aesar for the research materials market.


Nanopowders, Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle Dispersions, Polishing Products, Transparent Abrasion Resistant Products, UV Attenuation products, Anti-microbial Coatings Products, Textile products, Paint products and Nanomaterial based additives for coatings and polymers.

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Nanophase Technologies Corporation
1319 Marquette Drive
Romeoville, IL 60446

Tom Williams
Customer Service Manager
+1 (630) 771-6709

Nancy Baldwin
+1 (630) 771-6707

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