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Hysitron is committed to designing, producing, and servicing the world's leading nanomechanical test instruments.

Description of Activities

Hysitron is a leading supplier of nanomechanical instruments for advanced research and industrial applications. Since 1992, Hysitron has developed and supplied the most advanced instrumentation available for nanoscale surface analysis. Hysitron's instruments are designed to enhance productivity and operate with a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Instruments such as the TriboIndenter®, Ubi Series and TriboScope® offer researchers and manufacturers the ability to take accurate nanoscale measurements of mechanical properties such as hardness, elastic modulus, friction, wear resistance, and adhesive strength. The instruments enable a material evaluation scale from ultra-thin films to bulk materials. They also offer the unique ability to perform quantitative nanoindentation and nanoscratch testing independently or with in-situ scanning probe microscopy imaging.


Hysitron’s patented, state-of-the-art transducer technology is the heart of the instrument and was developed specifically for nanoindentation work. It provides the highest precision quantitative results and offers the broadest range of any alternative instrument. Their instruments deliver the highest sensitivity and the lowest force available for soft sample and ultra-thin film testing.

Hysitron instruments are designed for high sample throughput, require minimum equilibration time, and offer easy sample handling. Their instruments are engineered for maximum up time and are ready to run after the first hour of installation. Instrument purchase includes customer support, installation and the first year warranty.


Hysitron's high-precision equipment is used for cutting-edge research in University, National Research Lab and Industrial environments. The accurate testing results provide critical information in the development of advanced materials, nanotechnology, MEMS and other advanced technologies.

Contact Details

Hysitron, Inc.
10025 Valley View Road
Minneapolis, MN 55344

Tel: +1 952-835-6366
Fax: +1 952-835-6166

Website: http://www.hysitron.com
Email: info@hysitron.com


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