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The 300-page High Purity Metals and Materials Catalog highlights Alfa Aesar's entire range of metals and alloys from aluminum to zirconium, featuring purities up to 99.9999%. Products are offered in a broad variety of forms, including wires, foils, shots, targets, powders, thermocouple wires, and many more.

Figure 1. High Purity Metals and Materials Catalog

Catalog Sections

In addition to the pure metals and elements section, the catalog includes sections on:

  • Carbon/graphite
  • Ceramics
  • Evaporation Materials
  • Brazing Products
  • Fuel Cell Catalysts
  • Optics and Crystals
  • Equipment

Reference Data

Also, it contains reference data, such as metals physical properties, mesh size conversion tables, periodic table, table of atomic weights and more. Most items are also available in quantities and sizes beyond those listed in the catalog. Alfa Aesar's Specialty Group is set up to handle bulk and special orders.

To request a copy of the Alfa Aesar High Purity Metals and Materials Catalog, please click here

To view a complete listing of pure metal and element products on the Alfa Aesar web site, please click here

Source: Alfa Aesar

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