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MFC Devices

Accessory Available for MFC

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Fluigent is a microfluidic company developing new tools for flow control in micro-channels and genetic testing in capillaries and chips. Fluigent employs state-of-the-art technologies in fluidic, electronics and polymer chemistry, in order to built new tools for your processes.


Fluigent offers a number of options in terms of devices, accessories and software for the MRC Flow Sequencer.

MFC Devices

By controlling pressure over reservoirs that can be inside or outside the chip you control flows in the channels.

FASTAB technology leads to great accuracy, short response time and stability over long period of time.

Unlike integrated pumps MFCS is compatible with all existing chips.

Furthermore, due to the possibility of having external reservoirs you can easily change or refill reservoirs without modifying your setting.

The MFCS is declined in various versions. You can either control 4 (MFCS-4C) or 8 (MFCS-8C) channels. The pressure range goes from 0-25 mbar to 0-1 bar.

Accessory Available for MFC

FLUIWELL is sold by Fluigent as an accessory for MFC systems. It comes in two different models and FLUIWELL offers the following advantages:

•        Easy connection to microfluidic network,

•        Compatible with any tubing material (PEEK, PTFE, Silica…)

•        Enable maximum 1/16 inch OD tubing connection

•        Reservoirs ranging from 0.5 mL to 15 mL

•        Only wetted parts: reservoir and tubing

•        Protect MFCS from backflow

FLUIWELL-4C-2Ml: 4 Fluiwell reservoirs adapted to Eppendorf Micrew (volume from 0.5mL to 2mL). Supplied with four 2mL reservoirs and connections.

FLUIWELL-1C-15mL: 1 Fluiwell reservoir adapted to 15mL Falcon reservoirs. Supplied with connections.

Software Available for MFC Systems

MFCS 4C and MFCS 8C are provided with software which is user friendly and windows compatible interface. The software offers the following:

•        Pressure in each channel can be monitored and controlled

•        Coupling of different channels is possible

•        User can define up to 8 different steps.

Source: Fluigent

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