Antimicrobial Nanoparticles - Antimicrobial Additives Up to 1000 Times More Efficient than Current State-of-the-Art Material by Nanograde

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Antimicrobial Additives from Nanograde


Nanograde is the leading supplier of customized nanoparticles. Nanograde's technology allows the fine-tuning of certain properties into polymer additives. Different leaders-in-the-field entrusted Nanograde with the development of tomorrow's material solutions.

Antimicrobial Additives from Nanograde

Nanograde's antimicrobial nanoparticles are up to 1000 times more efficient than current state-of-the-art material. Nanograde's antimicrobial nanoparticles have a typical particle size of 50 nm, are chemically pure and have an extraordinary stability. If required the highly active agents can also be ordered in form of masterbatches. Nanograde's antimicrobial additives can be optimized for every application enabling the development of a perfect polymer-composite system.

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