Developing New Catalytic Nanoparticles Based on the Customer's Demands by Nanograde

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About Nanograde
Catalytic Nanoparticles

About Nanograde

Nanograde is the leading supplier of customized nanoparticles. Nanograde's technology allows the fine-tuning of certain properties into polymer additives. Different leaders-in-the-field entrusted Nanograde with the development of tomorrow's material solutions.

Catalytic Nanoparticles

Due to its versatile technology Nanograde is able to develop new catalyst materials based on the customer’s demands.

They include:

  • Hybrid nanoparticle architectures
  • Pt/Pd/Au/Ag/Rh @ Titania
  • Pt/Pd/Au/Ag/Rh @ Ceria/Zirconia
  • Pt/Pd/Au/Ag/Rh @ Customized

Suitable applications:

  • Automotive catalysts
  • Oxidation catalysts
  • Battery catalysts
  • Fuel cell catalysts

Above materials and other catalytically active materials are commercially available at Switzerland based Nanograde Llc. Nanograde’s versatile technology and know how allows the customized development of nanoparticle compositions and dispersions. This ensures the freedom of composition on the quest for the ideally suited nanoparticle system for any type of application.

Pt @ Ceria/Zirconia

Pt @ Alumina

Source: Nanograde.

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