a-TCP Nanoparticles Improving Degradation of Biopolymers by Nanograde

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Improved Degradation of Biopolymers

About Nanograde

Nanograde is the leading supplier of customized nanoparticles. Nanograde's technology allows the fine-tuning of certain properties into polymer additives. Different leaders-in-the-field entrusted Nanograde with the development of tomorrow's material solutions.

Improved Degradation of Biopolymers

Biopolymers may degrade over time. In certain cases it is desired to have shorter degradation times which are impossible to achieve by pure biopolymers. An approach chosen by Nanograde Llc. to increase degradability kinetics is the incorporation of a-TCP nanoparticles in such polymers (see Fig. 2).

A-TCP nanoparticles and other degradable nanoparticles are commercially available at Switzerland based Nanograde Llc. In addition to highly pure a-TCP nanoparticles, the composition can be altered with additional doping elements. Nanograde’s strong technology and knowhow allows customization of nanoparticle compositions and dispersions.

Figure 1. TEM picture of amorphous calcium phosphate (a-TCP) nanoparticles

Figure 2. Degradation enhancement of the biopolymer PLGA by incorporation of a-TCP nanoparticles (100/0: pure PLGA, 70/30: 30% a-TCP in PLGA)

Source: Nanograde.

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