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About Nanograde
High Quality Nanoparticle Dispersions

About Nanograde

Nanograde is the leading supplier of customized nanoparticles. Nanograde's technology allows the fine-tuning of certain properties into polymer additives. Different leaders-in-the-field entrusted Nanograde with the development of tomorrow's material solutions.

High Quality Nanoparticle Dispersions

Nanograde Llc. is a world leading company for customized nanoparticle development and production. The Zurich, Switzerland based company now also offers the development of customized nanoparticle dispersions. Nanograde has managed to expand their knowhow in the fabrication of nanoparticle dispersions and polymer master batches. Some of the characteristics of the dispersions are:

  • Non-agglomerated nanoparticles stabilized in liquids
  • High nanoparticle loadings (up to 50 wt%) still resulting in optical transparency
  • Liquid media: water, polar solvents, apolar solvents
  • Master batches in different polymer systems

Benefits of nanoparticle dispersions:

  • Easy handling and application of nanoparticle solution
  • Elimination of powder hazards

New compositions and dispersions can be easily designed and requested on Nanograde’s website.

Figure 1. Transparent dispersion of 30 wt% Alumina nanoparticles in water.

Figure 2. Application of the alumina dispersion on a glass substrate. The resulting ceramic film exhibits high transparency due to the high quality of the starting dispersion.

Source: Nanograde.

For more information on this source please visit Nanograde.

Date Added: May 6, 2010 | Updated: Jun 11, 2013
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