Commercial Availability of Nanocrystalline Rare Earth Oxides - New Product

Nanophase Technologies has announced what it believes is the first commercial nanoscale availability of an innovative family of high surface area, very pure nanocrystalline rare earth oxides. These nanomaterials are targeted at a wide variety of potential applications, including fuel cells, chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), ultrafine polishing, catalytic converters, and catalysis.

Available for the first time in commercial quality and quantities, these unique nanostructured materials are single or multi-element rare earth oxides that are combined in a single-phase crystal. Ratios of mixed rare earth oxides may be adjusted based on customer application. The nanomaterials are produced using Nanophase’s proprietary (patent pending) technology, NanoArc Synthesisä, which the Company developed over the past two years and initially commercialized for the CMP market with Rodel, a division of Rohm & Haas Corporation.

The new single-phase, multi-component, high surface area nanomaterials are available in discrete ranges of average particle sizes from 7 to 35 nanometers. The first three products in this NanoArcä family of products are Ceria, Cerium/Lathanum/Zirconium (Ce/La/Zr) oxide, and Cerium/Praeseodymium/Zirconium (Ce/Pr/Zr) oxide. These NanoArcä products are characterized as homogenous nanocrystals having a narrow particle size distribution, typically in a range of 7-12 nanometers, with the latter two nanomaterials displaying high thermal stability.

Posted 10 April 2003

Date Added: Dec 16, 2003 | Updated: Jun 11, 2013
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