Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS) – Quality Control of Nanoscale Etching for LED Fabrication

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The P100 AFM
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Patterned sapphire substrates are used by LED manufacturers to increase LED efficiency. Light extraction of the LED is considerably improved by etching nano-scale patterns into the substrate. Their methodologies are differentiated by manufacturers by changing the pattern morphology, including the use of cones, pyramids, and flat tops.

PSS is also useful for the epitaxial growth process by promoting GaN lateral growth causing a lesser number of dislocations. For quality control, AFMs and optical profilers are used by manufacturers, however as patterns become smaller, AFMs are the predominant instrument. AFMs enable the manufacturer to precisely check for pattern geometries and find out signs for incomplete etching.


Patterned sapphire substrates are shown below in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1. Patterned sapphire substrates

Figure 2. Patterned sapphire substrates

The P100 AFM

The P100 has a sub-nanometer Z resolution and can be used for high-resolution imaging and measurement. The combined open-loop and low-noise scanner enables rapid and effective experiments up to 15µm by 15µm. A small 0.56µm laser spot size is produced by the innovative astigmatic optical design enabling users to experiment with smaller and faster AFM cantilevers.

The P100 also includes an highly intuitive PSX control software allowing the user to complete experiments with the least amount of training. The setup and scan process is automated by the one-click scan feature enabling users to quickly obtain high quality scan results. The flagging of scan data is simplified by the built-in scan library management feature and allows the user to easily delete or export scans.

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