Carbon Nanotube Conductive Composite for Li-Ion Batteries

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Composition of CALIB
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Nanoshel Conductive Nanotubes Composite (CALIB) is a nano composite material, which is specially designed to improve the performance of lithium ion batteries.

Composition of CALIB

This conductive additive contains carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and grain electrode conductive additives. When grain electrode conductive additives are added to CNTs (Figure 1), the entwined nanotubes can be easily separated.

Figure 1. CNTS in charged and uncharged state

Figure 2. TEM analysis of CNT conductive composite

CALIB can be easily dispersed in Li-ion battery electrode, and the CNTs network is able to ensure that the Li-ion battery delivers optimum cycle performance. When the Conductive Nanotubes Composite additive is added, the tap density of battery electrode coatings can be improved by 10%. TEM Analysis of CNT conductive composite is shown in Figure 2, and property of CNTs is shown in the below table:

Property Unit Value Method of Measurement
Carbon Nano Tube Diameter Nm 20-30 TEM/SEM
Carbon Nano Tubes Length μm 15-25 TEM
Nitrogen Surface Area M2/g 60-75 BET
Absorption Value Ml/100g >500   UV VIS
Density (in the bag) 1 g/cm3 0.18    
Volume Resistivity 2~5x10-4 4 Probe Method
Moisture (as packed) % 0.2-0.3   Karlfisher
Ash Content % 0.2 max  
Ni (Nickel) % 0.005 max ICP
Fe (Iron) PPM <40 ICP
Mg (Magnesium) PPM <35 ICP
Appearance   Black Powder observation
pH   8-9 pH Meter


CALIB is a CNT-based Conductive Additive and has been specifically developed to enhance Li-ion battery and other applications. The inclusion of this additive can considerably increase the tap density of battery electrode coatings.

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NANOSHEL makes more than 50 types of products, among which the main products are nanotubes, SWCNT's, MWCNT's, and nanoparticles. These products are widely used in the fields such as textile industry, ceramics, chemical fiber, plastics, coatings, cosmetics, rubber, electrical and electronic equipments, electric power generation and boiler and so on.

Through providing the customers with nanomaterials and the application process solution, the company commits itself to assist clients to improve the functionality and technology content of the products so that the clients can promote their product added-values and market competitive competencies, keep their creative advantages for a long time in the concerned fields and make good economic benefits.

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