Rapid Particle Characterization and Stability Analysis of Dispersions Using the Back-Scattering Principle

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Back-Scattering Principle
Applications of LUMiCheck Demixing Tester
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LUM offers the LUMiCheck Demixing Tester (Figure 1), a measuring device for use in research, development and quality control laboratories. The tester rapidly performs particle characterization and stability analysis of dispersions, relating to the comparison of same type of samples. It can measure up to eight diluted or concentrated dispersions, independent of each other, in various sample cells.

Figure 1. The LUMiCheck Demixing Tester

Back-Scattering Principle

The LUMiCheck Demixing Tester employs the back-scattering principle (Figure 2). Light scatters when there is a difference in the index of refraction of a dispersed phase consisting of droplets and particles from that of the continuous media. The light scattering intensity relies greatly on the index of refraction, particle size and concentration.

Figure 2. The LUMiCheck Demixing Tester Works on the Back-Scattering Principle

The changes in the sample can be measured by monitoring small fluctuations and changes in the intensity of the scattering light. The LUMiCheck makes measurement of the light back-scattered from the bottom cross-section of the specially designed cuvettes as a function of time.

The tester uses special high-powered LEDs to ensure the scattering signal to be maintained at the highest quality possible. The light-scattering signal can then be measured over any desired time period utilizing optical sensors, which can determine even the smallest changes taking place in suspension or emulsion being analyzed in real time.

Applications of LUMiCheck Demixing Tester

The LUMiCheck Demixing Tester performs comprehensive qualitative and quantitative characterization of dispersions in a variety of research and industrial facilities handling innumerable materials, including:

  • Bitumen, petrol, crude oil, heavy fuel, and ceramic material
  • Food products such as baby and infant food, dressings and sauces, functional food, beverages, ketchup, milk and milk products
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, including creams, hair care products, body care products, veterinary medicine, and tooth paste
  • Paints, lacquers, pigments and inks such as DIY and industrial paints, automotive lacquers, printing inks, and pigment dispersions
  • Polymers and latices, sludges, slurries and technical dispersions
  • Lubricants and coolants

About LUM GmbH

LUM GmbH is the leading company in the field of accelerated dispersion and stability analysis and testing of composite materials. They offer innovative solutions for real-time and accelerated analysis in the following fields:

  • dispersion analysis
  • stability analysis
  • separation analysis
  • particle sizing
  • material testing

LUM instruments are found in international chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and most other industrial branches.

LUM GmbH also offers analytical services in the fields mentioned above.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by LUM GmbH.

For more information on this source, please visit LUM GmbH.

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