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Key Features of Prevac’s Deposition Systems
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Prevac offers its deposition systems (Figure 1) with all required power supplies and control units a stand-alone 19" cabinet system equipped with totally interlocked and protected vacuum, process and vent control. The optional PC control and data acquisition system enables complete integration of ancillary techniques and devices.

Figure 1. Prevac’s Deposition Systems with Door Access

A variety of sample manipulator options are available to access substrate conditions, including complete 360° rotation with stage heating and cooling. It is possible to populate the free chamber ports with a wide choice of instrumentation, including ion sources, residual gas analyzer, thickness monitor, gas dosing system, and load lock chamber with transfer.

Key Features of Prevac’s Deposition Systems

The deposition systems offered by Prevac provide the flexibility of many different techniques in one chamber. Each system in the range has a 320-mm-diameter universal mounting flange that can be setup for specific deposition techniques or combination of techniques. A modular, easy-to-use approach to system design enables reconfiguring the whole system by altering the universal mounting flange, which is a simple and rapid process.

For challenging applications demanding UHV base pressures, it is possible to configure the deposition systems with suitable sealing and pumping systems to obtain an assured minimum of 10-9mbar. Moreover, it is easier to exchange the source mounting stage on the bottom face of the chamber with matching stages that are setup with thermal, e-beam or combination sources. This makes the Prevac deposition systems as a truly multi-technique, multi-deposition system, which is suitable for R&D prototyping and small scale production.

Prevac deposition systems have a transfer port that enables future connection to devices such as UHV cluster apparatus. The systems can be configured with:

  • Thermal evaporation boats
  • Magnetron sources crucibles effusion cells
  • E-beam sources combinations of the above

It is possible to equip each source type with manual or automatic shutters. In addition, it is possible to provide the entire deposition system with semi-automatic or fully-automatic control through pneumatic actuation.

Future expansion and mounting of ancillary equipment can be achieved with a host of spare flanges and viewports. Moreover, the deposition chamber is fitted with a large, easy access vacuum door featuring differential pumping. This not only maintains a remarkable base pressure but also facilitates access to the internals. The system also uses efficient double wall water cooling throughout. In the standard configuration, the chamber has 1" or 2" substrate holders for multi-sample mounting, but other sizes can be provided upon request.

About Prevac

PREVAC was founded in 1996 and is located in the town of Rogów in the Upper Silesia region of Southern Poland.

PREVAC offers custom deposition systems designed and manufactured to exact specifications for customer specific process applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Prevac.

For more information on this source, please visit Prevac.

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