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Graphene AFM Images
The P100 AFM
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Graphene is a 2-dimensional densely packed carbon allotrope. The material can be widely applied across a number of industries because of its exceptional properties in thermal conductivity, strength, electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity, lightness and transparency - leading many to dub it a "wonder material".

Graphene's proliferation across diverse fields from bioengineering to optoelectronics also causes a need for characterization tools. Graphene sheets just a single carbon atom thick need advanced instrumentation to characterize them.

The ideal tool for structural, mechanical, and electrical characterization is the atomic force microscope, due to it's with sub-nanometer height resolution.

Graphene AFM Images

Graphene characterization using AFM is shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3.

Images of graphene captured using the P100 AFM from Ardic Instruments

The P100 AFM

The P100 is a high precision AFM with sub-nanometer Z resolution, and is used for applications requiring high-resolution imaging and measurement. Rapid and efficient experiments are possible with the combined low noise and open loop scanner up to 15µm by 15µm. The innovative astigmatic optical design produces a small 0.56µm laser spot size enabling users to experiment with smaller and faster AFM cantilevers.

The P100 also includes highly intuitive PSX control software permitting the user to complete experiments with minimal training. The scan and setup process is automated by the one-click scan feature permitting users to quickly obtain high-quality scan results.

The inbuilt scan library management feature simplifies flagging of scanned data and enables the user to export or delete scans easily.

About Ardic Instruments

Ardic Instruments is an analytical equipment manufacturer aiming to serve the global scientific community with the best customer experience possible. Through a transparent, accessible, and community-driven approach, Ardic Instruments fosters a direct channel of communication between the end-user and the manufacturer.

Ardic Instruments produces atomic force microscopes, MEMS analyzers, and label-free molecular diagnostic platforms for both academic and industrial applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Ardic Instruments.

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