Infographic: The Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition Process

Plasma enhanced vapor deposition technology is used to apply P2i’s nano-coating. P2i’s technology is an automated process in which the coating is bonded to every aspect of a completely constructed device, coating the device from inside to outside.

This infographic from P2i shows the key steps involved in the plasma enhanced vapor deposition process. The pdf format of the infographic can be downloaded by clicking here. The text alternative of the infographic can be viewed here.

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The Plasma Enhanced Vapor Deposition Process

Step - 1

Items are placed in a chamber which is brought to a low pressure.

Step – 2

The surfaces of the items are activated by plasma, causing the creation of free radicals. It is necessary to ensure the absence of contaminants such as water that could disturb the bonding of the nano-coating to the surface.

Step – 3

The monomer is added as a gas and forms covalent bonds with the radical sites, making the attachment of the coating very strong.

Step – 4

Pulsed radio frequency plasma then allows the polymerization of the monomer, which forms the hydrophobic layer to both the inside and outside of the phone.

After bringing the chamber to room temperature, the items are removed from the chamber without any change to the look, feel, or functionality of the product. The resulting product is ready for use as post-curing is not required.

About P2i Limited

P2i is uniquely positioned to provide tailored, invisible functionality across a range of manufacturing requirements, through proven nano-coating solutions. With commercial expertise driving application across five market sectors and a commitment to global service and support, P2i delivers outstanding performance improvement and new market opportunities to a wide range of products.

P2i was established in 2004 to commercialize technologies developed by the UK Government’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL). Research and development have identified innovative applications equipment and processing methods, culminating in a growing patent portfolio extending to over 65 families. Ongoing acquisitions have provided valuable new technologies such as antimicrobial, super hydrophilic and protein resistance coatings - making P2i the global leader in invisible surface functionality.

In addition to headquarters in the United Kingdom, P2i has a technology centre in the United States and an applications centre in China. P2i's technology is indicated in the Electronics sector by either its splash-proof or Dunkable™ nano-coatings.

In the Lifestyle sector, the technology is known as ion-mask™, while the P2i brand is used for industrial applications, such as those found in the Filtration and Life Sciences sectors.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by P2i Limited.

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