COMSZONE: Commercialising Nanotechnology

The COMSZONE is a joint MANCEF initiative to showcase the leading articles from previous COMS events hosted and organised by MANCEF - The Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation.

Stiction Free Removal of Organic Sacrificial Layer in MEMS Manufacturing

In this study, stiction free removal of organic sacrificial layer in the MEMS release process is discussed. The exposed and embedded organic sacrificial layer is removed by an oxygen based microwave remote plasma process with a small amount of fluorine in a proprietary way. Read more

Collaboration Between Industry and Universities: How University and Industry can Partner for Success

This paper discusses different models of engagement between universities and industry and how the WIMS center at the University of Michigan creates successful interactions. Read more

Experiences and Outlook from Recent Years of Developing Education in Micro- and Nanotechnologies at HiVe - Vestfold University College

Motivated by a desire and need of regional Norwegian companies and research institutes, as well as the world market for future scientific expertise in micro- and nanotechnologies (MNT), HiVe - Vestfold University College is offering bachelor, master and PhD education in MNT. Read more

Active Magnetic MNEMS Overview

For micro and nano electro-mechanical systems (MNEMS), there are two physical principles lending themselves particularly well for being executed in thin-film technology: the electrostatic and the electromagnetic principle (plus, strictly speaking, the electrodynamic one). Read more

NanoCom - Overcoming Barriers to Commercialisation of Nanotechnology Research

Efforts to develop and commercialise nanotechnology face a variety of challenges: technical hurdles, availability of capital, environmental, health and safety concerns, and immature manufacturing technology and infrastructure. Read more

Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology

Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology (in Spanish: FAN –Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología) is an innovative tool oriented to directly and actively participate in promoting innovation in the area of micro and nanotechnology, in our production. Nanotechnology is very recent and invasive. Read more

Interface Standards for Commercialization of MEMS + Fluidics Products, Focus on Low Cost Consumables

Combining microfluidic devices with MEMS and silicon based sensors to make “Lab on a Chip” or BioMEMS products is a rapidly growing commercial enterprise. Typical applications include biosensors, flow sensors, microincubators, bioreactors, and micro-environments. Read more

Can MEMS and NEMS Visibly Impact US Job Growth in the Next Decade?

Bringing necessary Government support to MEMS/NEMS to keep jobs in the US will require major effort and participation of industry visionaries. Can visionaries and Government officials work effectively? Should they try? Read more

Building da Vinci Machines at the Microscopic Scale - University of Utah MEMS Projects

Our MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) da Vinci chip boasts three familiar designs, imitating da Vinci's mechanical concepts: mechanical lion, the Vitruvian man, and a winged machine which is a combination of two of da Vinci's visions for flying devices. Read more

A Glance into LIGA's Prospering Future

Over the past decades, many applications have been proposed as commercially viable for LIGA (Lithographie, Galvanoformung, Abformung (Lithography, Electroplating, and Molding)). This paper will give a more strategic than technical overview of the past and future of LIGA. Read more

Think Big...Then Shrink

The challenge of micro- and nano-fabrication lies in the difficulties and costs associated with patterning at such high resolution. Instead of relying on tradition fabrication techniques -- largely inherited from the semiconductor industry -- for microfluidic applications. Read more

Efficient Virtual Manufacturing for Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT)

Despite the economic struggles in the last two years, the demand for micro and nano technologies (MNT) products has grown. To match this demand several factors have to be taken into account. On the one hand design cycles have to become shorter to meet the market needs. Read more

Peak Shock Detection Sensor System Fabricated on Flexible Substrate

Continuous exposure of personnel to explosion shock waves has been known to cause internal damage that can lead to irreparable damage if not detected early and hence the need to design sensors that can detect, record and display shock information. Read more

Design for Micromanufacturability

Assembly, packaging, and testing activities account for 85% of the cost of many microsystems. This is primarily due to the lack of backend standards or general methodology. This presentation focuses on concurrent microengineering and the need for designing for micromanufacturability. Read more

Carbon Nanotube Assemblies for Sound Generation and Heat Dissipation

Remarkable properties of carbon nanotube assemblies (forests, sheets, yarns) are expected to lead to a variety of applications. It has recently been reported1 that freestanding multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWNT) sheets generate sound when heated with alternating current (ac). Read more

Market Challenges Facing Academic Research in Commercializing Nano-Enabled Implantable Devices for in-Vivo Biomedical Analysis

In this paper, the design of a generic in-vivo implantable biomedical device capable of detecting threshold values for targeted concentrations (i.e. detection of glucose levels) has been presented. Read more

Micro and Nanoelectromechanical Systems: A New Approach for Low Cost 6D Inertial Sensor

This concept is based on the idea to mix on same device MEMS and NEMS technologies. The MEMS part is used for the mass to keep sufficient inertial force, and the NEMS is used as a very sensitive sub-µm suspended stress gage. Read more

Large Players In The Nanogame: Major Investments Or Option Takers?

Nanotechnologies redefine existing industries, and array them in new combinations: changes already underway include the merging of microelectronics and biotechnology, and of nanoelectronics and chemistry. Read more

Reliable and Low Cost Medical and Environmental Detection System for DNA and Bacteria, Based on Capacitive Electrical Sensors

In Dr. Luis Moreno-Hagelsieb's laboratory, aluminum oxide interdigitated capacitors have been developed and successfully tested on DNA hybridization test as well as on bacteria. Read more

Print and Shrink: A New Strategy for Printable Electronics?

Professor Khine from University of California, Irvine proposed a simple, ultra-rapid, and robust method to create large areas of nanowrinkles as well as sharp high surface area bimetallic nanostructures, coined nanopetals, in a shape memory polymer. Read more

Recurring Deficiencies in Process Development Support

Today a variety of uncertainties and hurdles challenge new product developments or product enhancements. This is especially true when developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) or nano scale thin film devices and their specifically required manufacturing processes. Read more

Creating Convenience Food Based on Human Nutritional Requirements

Diet induced disease is epidemic. Worldwide because the changing food system has ignored the nutrient requirements of people. High energy density and low nutrient density which characterise the modern diet must be overcome simultaneously. Read more

Breaking Through the Process Development Barriers

Development projects for new manufacturing recipes are challenged by a variety of different external and internal requirements and constraints. This is especially true when developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) or nano scale thin film devices and their specifically required manufacturing processes. Read more

Process Development Challenges in Difficult Economic Times

This paper investigates the challenges, discusses some important considerations and highlights potential methods for companies to come out of this crisis stronger. The value of specialised software, called Process Development Execution Systems (PDES), will be discussed. Read more

Connecting the Global Community in Micro and Nano Technology

MANCEF's (the global Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialisation Education Foundations) mission is: "To connect the global micro and nanotechnology community focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the world". Read more

Micro Energy Harvesters - An Alternative Source of Renewable Energy

The increasing number of autonomous miniature electronic devices brings with it the problem of an adequate, reliable power supply. Micropower environmental energy harvesting generators offer an alternative source of renewable energy. Read more

A Customer-Driven Approach to Product Engineering of Micro and Nano Devices - Requirement Analysis

Product engineering of micro and nano technology (MNT) devices differs substantially from product engineering in more traditional industries. The general approach is mostly bottom up, as it centres around the available fabrication techniques. Read more