Prevac Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS

Prevac’s HEAT3-PS is a highly efficient heating power supply, which is operated by intuitive touch screen with dual mode heating: resistive and electron bombardment. The device offers wide range temperature measurements from 1.4 to 2470K and delivers high resolution with 16-bit analog I/O.

The HEAT3-PS features 4 analog and 10 digital I/O and each can be individually reprogrammed. The system is also integrated with different temperature sensors, such as Pt, diode, and thermocouple. The heating power supply is suitable for a number of applications, such as effusion cells supply, thermal monitoring, and other thermal processes.

Key Features

The main features of the HEAT3-PS are:

  • High efficiency and high resolution
  • Dual heating mode: resistive and electron bombardment
  • Wide range temperature measurement
  • Setpoint based over voltage and over current output protection
  • Fully manual or PID temperature controlled
  • One vacuum channel for most active gauges
  • Various communication interfaces available on demand: RS232/485, Bluetooth, USB, EthernetIP
  • Universal PFC power supply (110-230VAC)
  • Mobile solutions for remote access and control
  • Intuitive and user friendly GUI
  • Customized menu options
  • Multiple languages


The applications of the HEAT3-PS are:

  • Thermal monitoring
  • Effusion cells supply
  • Any thermal process according to the specifications
  • Sample holders heating
  • High performance PID controller supporting

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