Deposition Cluster Tool from PREVAC

Deposition Cluster Tool supplied by Prevac is a MBE multi-chamber system designed for depositing metallic multi-layers from magnetic materials. The system offers sin-situ characterisation of sample magnetic properties, crystallography, and topography.

The Deposition Cluster Tool includes a MBE chamber fitted with E-guns for 8 effusion cells and 12 materials. The chamber is equipped with pumping system including cryo-panels. Deposition processes are fully software programmed and controlled through PLC controller. Samples can be heated up to 1400°C.

The system also includes a radial distribution chamber for semi-automatic transfer or distribution for reliable movement of up to 3" sample holders between characterisation and preparation chambers; a preparation chamber with LEED optics for direct and e-beam heating; a preparation chamber with high energy ion source for sample preparation, etching, and structure modification; a SPM chamber with additional tip and sample loading system; a MOKE characterisation chamber for in-situ Kerr effect measurements; and additional chambers for sample introduction and storage.

Key Features

The main features of the Deposition Cluster Tool are:

  • Semi-automatic transfer of 3" sample holders and smaller samples
  • 10-11 mbar vacuum level
  • MBE E-guns with closed loop control by RGA
  • 1400°C heating of 3" sample holders in MBE chamber
  • 1700°C EB heating of smaller holders in the preparation chamber
  • Ion assist prep chamber with 25kV ion source with differential pumping
  • UHV Kerr effect analysis chamber
  • All process chambers with thermocouple and pyrometer temperature control
  • Full software control of the MBE process
  • Low vibration design, particularly for SPM and MOKE chambers
  • Independent intro for tips and samples for SPM
  • LCD visualisation of complete system status

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