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40A2 UV Source from Prevac

Prevac’s 40A2 UV Source (UVS) is a high intensity photon source, which can be operated with a wide range of discharge gases. For maximum stability, the UVS is water cooled and includes fully interlocked safety circuitry. The discharge has the highest photon intensity at a pressure of several mbar and hence dual differential pumping stages are used to sustain the host chamber pressure.

The UVS 40A2 is designed to ensure that a continuous gas flow is sustained throughout the discharge region. This helps in making sure that the cleanliness of the discharge capillary is suitably maintained and leads to long service intervals. The UVS 40A2 is mainly utilized in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS) research.

Key Features

The main features of the 40A2 UV Source are:

  • Easy operation
  • Stable output
  • Can be operated with various discharge gases (neon, helium, argon, krypton, hydrogen or xenon)
  • Auto or manual ignition
  • Electronically stabilised discharge current
  • Cold cathode capillary discharge
  • Windowless, direct sight connection
  • Software control (basic version)


  • Gas dosing system
  • Linear shift
  • Customised insertion length
  • Differential pumping (2 stages)
  • Software extension – can be integrated with RAPID SE

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