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UV40A-PS Power Supply from Prevac

The UV40A-PS power supply, available from Prevac, is designed to control the UV40A1 UV Source in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy applications. It enables precise and efficient control of the He I/He II ratio through accurate adjustment of helium pressure and discharge current.

The UV40A-PS can operate in either constant discharge voltage or discharge current mode to deliver optimum operation conditions for the UV source. The source can be manually ignited through a piezo-electric igniter or automatically ignited directly from the power supply.

The large front-panel LCD displays the adjustable parameters, which are accurately controlled through digital encoders. In addition, the UV40A-PS power supply includes an integrated timer and automatic standby mode. The unit can be supplied as a free standing or full width 19” rack mounting unit (3U height) and can be operated through the intuitive touchscreen interface, computer, or mobile applications.

Key Features

The main features of the UV40A-PS Power Supply are:

  • Easy operation
  • Auto or manual ignition
  • Controls UV40A1 UV Source in ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Can work in either constant discharge current or discharge voltage mode
  • Can be operated through intuitive touchscreen interface, PC, or mobile applications
  • Available as a free standing or full width 19” rack mounting unit


The specifications of the UV40A-PS Power Supply are provided in the table below:

Supply voltage 100V or 250V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output power 250W max
Discharge voltage (Usource) 200 - 1000V, resolution 10V, ripple < 0.5 Vpp
Discharge current (Iemis) 5 - 300mA, resolution 1mA
Ignition voltage 10kV peak
User Interface 6.5” TFT display with touchscreen. Digital encoder
Communication interface (in standard) RS232, EtherNet/IP
Dimensions [mm] 448.8 x 132.5 x 435 (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable or desktop device
Weight, approx /net weight 11kg / 8.8kg


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