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UHV Systems: XPS/UPS/ARPES from Prevac

Prevac’s surface analysis systems based on VG Scienta R3000 analyser are flexible tools that are specifically designed for AES, XPS (ESCA), ISS and UPS measurements. The R3000 is a 135mm radius hemispherical electron analyser with energy resolution of < 3meV; FWHM at 2eV pass energy. It is supplied with the SES acquisition and spectrometer control software, Igor Pro. It is also possible to store data in a format compatible with CasaXPS, a data analysis program for X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

Analysis chamber, which forms the core of the system, is made of u-metal and fitted with connecting flanges in UHV standard sizes for connecting current and additional equipment, such as X-ray mono source, energy analyser, X-ray twin anode source, UV source, UV mono source, electron source, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the XPS/UPS/ARPES systems are:

  • Analysis chamber equipped with connecting flanges
  • Manipulator of analysis chamber can be 4-6 axes, depending on application
  • Manipulator of preparation chamber can be 4-5 axes, depending on application
  • System can be semi- or fully-pc controlled in both transferring and analysis tasks
  • Equipped with fast intro chamber with single or multi holder stage
  • Can be fitted with universal preparation chamber with base pressure in 10-10 mbar range
  • Can be fitted with storage chamber, with cleaving option

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