Disperser - Single Shaft Mixer Technology for Low Viscosity Products

Hockmeyer supplies dispersers, which are single shaft mixers utilized to dissolve solid particles in a liquid. This is usually achieved by using a "saw tooth" blade rotating at high speed. The blade induces high shear forces on the ingredients being dispersed and subsequently breaks them apart.

Upon appropriate blade selection and sizing, a flow can be established that will constantly turn over the batch and produce a uniform product. Dispersers are normally utilized to mix low viscosity products, such as paints.

Single shaft mixers are available with variable speed mixing shafts. Some are available in a hoist mounted version, whilst some are supplied in a tank mounted version. Selecting the best configuration of designs is a combination of functional need and economic justification.

Key Features

The main features of the single shaft mixer are:

  • Dissolves, disperses, deagglomerates, emulsifies
  • Efficient transmission of horsepower
  • Maximum utility via wide varied drive and frequency inverter speed ranges
  • Optional 360° rotation for multiple tanks
  • Sizes range from 5HP to 400HP.
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