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Bruker's UMT-3 High-Load Heavy-Duty Tribometer

The Bruker UMT-3 high load tribometer is a completely computerized, multiple configuration, single instrument platform.

The UMT-3 is highly robust and flexible, making it the most widely used tribometer worldwide performing practically every common industrial tribological test required needed in industries from aerospace, petroleum and automobile to engine, bearing, and fastener manufacturing.

The UMT-3 is capable of performing a number of tests as per ASTM standards on the same tool. Some of the more commonly used test setups include four balls, variable rolling to sliding, bearings, block on ring, nut-in-screw, and pin on disk.

Key Features

The key features of the UMT-3 Tribometer are:

  • The UMT-3 Tribometer is designed for comprehensive macro-mechanical tests of lubricants, metal and ceramic materials, with a load range of 0.1N to 1kN.

  • Automated synchronized control of several specimen motions is performed with linear speeds from 0.1µm/s to 30m/s, and angular speeds ranging from 0.001 to 7,000rpm.

  • It is possible to independently program for custom wear tracks and automatic coefficient of friction versus load/velocity curves are generated

  • The UMT-3 is available with a range of drive modules that easily can be swapped within minutes.

  • These are lower linear fast reciprocation with upper linear motion, lower high-precision linear with upper linear motion, lower rotation (vertical axis) with upper linear or rotary motion, lower rotation (horizontal axis) with upper linear or rotary motion.

  • The UMT-3 is also available with chambers for vacuum, humidity, and gases, and can load up to 2,000N with temperatures up to 1,000°C.

  • Static or dynamic lubrication can be tested using computer controlled pumps.

  • The system monitors and records in situ acoustic emission, electrical data, friction, wear, down force, temperature, humidity, etc, and is ISO, ASTM and DIN compliant.

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