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X'Pert³ Powder X-ray Diffraction System from PANalytical

X'Pert³ Powder X-ray Diffraction System from PANalytical

The latest X-ray diffraction system from PANalytical is based on the totally renewed X’Pert platform. The system features compliance with stringent and recent X-ray, on-board electronics and motion safety norms with advancements in eco-friendliness and reliability.

The system offers an economic solution for increased throughput phase identification and quantification, high quality, grazing incidence refraction, X-ray reflectometry, residual stress analysis, pair distribution function analysis, small angle X-ray scattering and non-ambient diffraction.

Key Features

The key features of X’Pert³ Powder are:

  • X’Pert³ Powder makes use of the same control electronics as the Empyrean platform, offering ultimate system flexibility for future applications and services. Also the X’Pert³ Powder complies with the latest and most stringent safety norms. The X’Pert³ Powder makes use of the patented corrosion-resistant incident smart beam path (CRISP) technology.
  • CRISP prevents X-ray-induced corrosion on any of the incident beam path components, from the X–ray tube, tube housing to incident beam optics. Combined with the lead-free tube tower and PANalytical’s eco-friendly tube disposal policy, this guarantees ‘green’ operation. Also by preventing the X-ray-induced corrosion, CRISP maximizes the uptime of your investment.
  • The X’Pert³ Powder comes with a full 3kW generator, which offers high-intensity and up to 5 times faster data collection than typical benchtop systems (or up to 3 times faster than 1kW systems).
  • The new X’Pert³ Powder, guaranteeing maximum uptime is the use of pneumatic shutters and beam attenuators. The X’Pert³ Powder is an economical solution for multipurpose X-ray diffraction platforms with unsurpassed versatility.
  • Non-ambient chambers are available that can cool samples down to 12K or heat up to 2300°C. Also strain stages and high-pressure stages are available.
  • The X’Pert³ Powder can be equipped with either point or line detectors. A highly cost-effective detector is the sealed Xe proportional detector, while our scintillation detector is very suited for hard radiation applications such as pair distribution function analysis.

Key Applications

The applications of X’Pert³ Powder are:

  • Pair distribution function
  • Quantitative XRD, respirable silica dust analysis
  • Easy and fast analysis of complex street drugs
  • Technological solution for combating counterfeit drugs
  • Supporting the pharmaceutical industry with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance readiness
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